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Technical Support - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having a problem, you may receive free technical support for this product by e-mailing 
Please include your License ID when inquiring on an order.


How do I remove the Draft watermark? the Draft watermark?

To remove the Draft watermark, you need to make the form Final. To do this, fill out the online form, and select the "Save and go to Form Options" button. To get to the online form, use the "Find My Form" link on the main page.
How do I use the extra forms I purchased for a License ID?

To use the extra "count(s)" on your License ID, start a new form using the "Forms" link, open it, hit "Purchase", then "Accept", then follow the link that you have an existing License ID. You can also start a new form based on your Final form (if one exits). Open that form using the "Find My Form" link on the main page, and select "Final Options" button, then "Start new form with same data". 

For more information on your License ID, including how many counts are left, click here.

I need more room to enter my data in a given field.

You can not change the size of the field, or the font of it. These are Blumberg forms, and we can not move around the boilerplate of the form for more room. We have made the fields as big as we can make them. All we can tell you is to either try to format the text to fit in the viewable area, or add an addendum page to the form using the "Final Options" button, while in Draft mode, for the extra text. 

If you feel there is room to enlarge a current field without moving around the boilerplate of the form, please let us know. 

How do I get to my form after purchase?

To get to the online form, use the "Find My Form" link on the main page. 

Draft forms stay on the site for only 30 days, and Final forms stay on the site for 10 days. Once a form is removed, we can no longer retrieve them. 

If you never created your Draft form after purchase, use the link (labeled as "Click here to proceed to your form") in the confirmation page or confirmation email. If you get a error that the form has expired, you must start a new form using the "Forms" link on the main page, hit "Purchase", then "Accept", then follow the link that you have an existing License ID.

My form is asking for a password when I try to open it, I dont know the password, or my password is not working.

The password to open the form is the password you created when you purchased the form/License ID. 

If you password is not working, make sure you are entering in the correct password. The passwords are case-sensitive, and are set on how you typed them in when you used the License ID on the form. Please refer to your "Draft" email for the correct case-sensitive password for your form. 

How do I print the form to a legal sized document?

Forms on are designed to print to a certain paper size, either letter, or legal. When using the forms link on the main page, the legal sized form are donated with a '*'. 

To print to legal size, you have to set up your printer to print to that size. You might need to close the form down, setup the default size of the printer to legal, and then reopen the form, and print.

How do I purchase a form/License ID?

To purchase a form, select the form you want using the "Forms" link on the main page, open it, hit the "Purchase" button, then hit "I Agree", then follow the link to purchase a License ID. 

For more information on how to purchase, please go to our Instructions page. 

I can't find the form I need to purchase on

If you are having trouble finding the form you need, use the "Search" field in the upper-right hand corner of any page. You can simply put the Blumberg form # into the field, or a simple word, like "Lease", into the field to search for your form. 

If the form you are looking for is unavailable for online purchase on, contact Blumberg at, or call 800 221-2972 and press 1 for information about buying a hard copy of the form.

I can't find my Draft form using the "Find My Form" link.

Draft forms only stay on our site for 30 days, and then is removed, and can not be retrieved at that point. 

We send you an email 10 days prior to the deletion, telling you to either act upon the form, or request a time extension. 

I can't find my Final form using the "Find My Form" link.

After going to Final, the form is emailed to you as an attachment. 10 days after going to Final, the form is then removed from our system. 

So at this point for you to open that form, you would need to still have the Final email, or if you saved the form yourself.

How do I edit my Final Form?

As stated on the main page, and on the page you clicked on to make the form Final, that once in Final mode, you can no longer edit it, without having to purchase again. So before going to Final, you must be sure all your info is correct. 


How do I get help filling out my form, or in finding the form I need?

We do not provide any type of legal support. Advice about filling in forms, or deciding what form you need, or how to use the form, is legal in nature. 

As we are not attorneys, we are not permitted by law to do so. 

Working with "Final Options" button in Draft form

Before selecting "Final Options", you MUST enter data into the form. This is because you can not make a Final form that is "Empty".After clicking "Print Final - Other Options", you are presented with 4 options:
  • "Make Final Copy" - This option removes the "Draft" watermark, and renders the form "Final".  After going to "Final", you can no longer edit the form, so make SURE all your data is correct before proceeding to "Final". If you need to make changes after Final, you must purchase another form.
  • "Save and return to "Draft" form" - This option saves and returns you to the draft form and continue work on your document.
  • "Send Draft Form to Additional E-Mail Addresses" - This option allows you to send a copy of the current draft form to any additional e-mail addresses you desire.