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1183 ------- Notice of Claim against a Public Authority Pursuant to §50 General Municipal Law: Not for use in the Court of Claims
13 ------- Notice of claim against the city of New York Section 50e General Municipal Law 6-83
131 ------- Notice of appearance, Blank Court
1600 ------- Notice of intent to make claim, motor vehicle accident, MVAIC
257 ------- Notice of intention to introduce X-rays at trial, affirmation of physician, CPLR 4532-a
258 ------- Notice of intention to introduce into evidence a bill for service or repairs, verification or affirmation, CPLR 4533-a
300 ------- Notice of appearance, answer and demand for bill of particulars, Civil Ct.
308 ------- Ten day notice to quit where no landlord/tenant relationship exists, RPAPL §713, 2 pps.
366 ------- Notice of lien for common charges, Condominium Act, RPL §§ 339-z & 339-aa
384 ------- Uniform notice of motion, 22 NYCRR 202.7
435 ------- Notice of new hire and acknowledgement of wage rate, designated pay day, hourly rate, overtime, Lab. Law §195(1)
461 ------- Notice of medical, dental or podiatric malpractice action, 22 NYCRR 202.56
471 ------- Notice of appeal
64 ------- Notice of intention to introduce into evidence a bill for automobile repairs, verification, CPLR 4533-a
  * Denotes legal size paper.